Sunday, January 25, 2009

Freedom - SAQA Trunk Show

"Freedom" is the realization of a dream. A Democratic President willing to bring values back to the American people and the world. I sure hope it works. So I got my photo uploeded in time, but I misread the call and trimmed my piece to 8X8 inches. Oh no! That's the size of the opening and I needed aminimum of 9 inches square. I blame it on my stroke. I blame all my missteps on my stroke. Maybe I need to pay more attention or get someone to help me. I get confused so easily now. Oh well, I was hoping to get a place in SAQA history. Not thistime, but I'm sure proud of those who will make it. (congrats Carol, Jill and the others)

Monday, January 19, 2009

O's for Obama

I'm sure these circles are really O's, since today is inauguration eve and I am sending my best wishes to President Obama. I did this piece for Liz Berg's Advanced Design online class. Every media I see or hear is all about tomorrow's ceremonies, and rightfully so. I was in my teens for JFK's ceremony and subsequent tragedy. I wept for Bobby and Martin Luther King. To be alive to see this history is remarkable.
I watched the concert and was so proud of all the talented performers and of the huge crowds. I am hoping everything stays peaceful.
The piece is mt hand-dued cottons and is quilted with Superior Neon Orange.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Viva Vino

I posted this picture several weeks ago, but it needed work, so I redid parts of it. I got some excellent suggestions from Quiltart members. The finished piece is below. What do you think?

I even changed the name from Autumn Splendor to Viva Vino

This piece is being exhibited at Moshin Winery, Healdsburg, CA thru February. Stop by if you are in the area.

I jist finished watching the Barbara Walters special on Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa. Boy, if anyone needs inspiration on how to deal with tragedy, this will help. The man is amazingly courageous and BW did a great interview.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Great Old Broad

A Great Old Broad?
Bette Davis, a real original woman. Another collage piece, just for fun. Where on earth did that saying come from and why were women called "Broads?" I suppose I should look that up on the web someday. But for right now I'm just happy I posted two days in a row. I finished appliqueing my landscape piece today and added a bit more painted details. I'd take a photo, but I've got both dogs nestled at my feet, lying on a nice warm blanket I've got draped over my knees. I heard the sun shone somewhere in California today, but not here. It was another day shrouded in fog, cold and clammy. Now I'm off to work on the web site. Thanks for stopping by.


A trip to the East Coast in the Fall. It's somewhere in Connecticut or Massachusetts, I'm not sure which, but it is gorgeous. Happy New Year everyone. I just rang in the New Year with Ryan and Carson, Fergie and Kelly. Sometimes television is the best thing. It was only 19 degrees in New York. I freeze here when it's forty!
Here's to a great year ahead. The past: I've got several projects on my design walls that I am determined to complete soon, The present: I've been working on creating my very own web site. The future: I've yet to put goals on paper, but I have a few specific ones in mind.But now that it's 2009, I need to get some sleep!