Friday, April 07, 2006


Yes, I know what day it is, but being in the hospital for close to a month and trying to recover from this mess, I am just now getting paperwork ready for taxes. I had purchased a program and was going to be soooo organized, but when health issues arise, all bets are off. Tomorrow is another day..... My mind kept going back to fabric and I wonder how I will finish off these two samples. They are dyed, overdied, stamped, and stencilled. I may stamp or stencil images or text in the boxes and then put on a wash to tone down the brightness. Then add alittle bling!!!

I got a nice email from Jane Dunnewold. What a gracious lady. I was truly surprised to get the new Surface Design magazine with a great article by her with references to and pictures of Connie Tiegal's work and Joy Stocksdale's book and then found an article by Joy in the same magazine. Jane never mentioned the article in her class. She is a humble woman. I am lucky to be in a Surface Design group with Joy Stocksdale and I hope I can learn some more from her. I am considering taking Jane's correspondance course. I just have to justify the money and try to figure out if I have the time to put into the projects, what with work, longarm quilting, teaching my classes and my own creations. I am waiting to see what the results of my latest CT scans reveal.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

more claremont

Here's Jane in all her glory with some student work. It was good seeing Deb Roby. I think she may be a new Dunnewold Diva!

Some more discharched and stamped work. Back to reality tomorrow!

Claremont teachers

Okay, here's Elizabeth Barton and Katie Pasquini and Terry Mamgat at AQC.

Monday, April 03, 2006

QuiltArt List members at Claremont

Gerrie Congdon and Liz Berg are also taking Jane's class and Carol Suto is taking Terry Mangat's class. Guess who the rowdies are??

Works in Progress

We've been dyeing, painting, discharging, stamping, stencilling, screening and foiling to create the multi layered look of complex cloth. Here are some of my samples.

Art Quilt Claremont!!

Day 3 at Art Quilt Claremont with Jane Dunnewald is done. What fun we had today! But I sure was tired. These pictures show the view of San Francisco from the hotel. There has been so much rainb and clouds that this is the most we've seen of The City in three days. We have students here from Paris, France; Costa Rica; and other states, but most participants are from California. It is a small group for the first year. Elizabeth Barton, Terry Mangat and Katie Pasquini are also teaching.