Thursday, September 11, 2008

Painting Paradise

My brother and sister-in-law have fallen in love with Hawaii and recently redecorated their room with faux painted walls and a tropical theme. They were looking for something with a tropical theme for an empty space on their wall. I offered to check with my art group if anyone had anything like that available. I was in the mood to paint and thought, why not? So here is the almost finished piece. The flash really dimmed down the brilliant colors. What do you think?

I also basted 2 art quilts and hope to get them stitched tomorrow for the black and white challenge.

David Letterman had Obama on tonite. Excellent and thoughtful questions and answers.

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Lovely Day

I spent an absolutely lovely day at San Francisco's Legion of Honor Museum. Those who know San Francisco know that it is frequently shrouded in fog. A wonderful heat spell is currently bathing the bay area in warmth and the views of the Golden Gate Bridge were spectacular.

We were greeted with blazing bursts of orange, yellow and red glass twisting and shimmering in the sunlight. Dale Chiluly's glass-blown sculptures are amazing.
The Legion also offeres a large blue piece which must stand close to 15 - 20 feet tall.
The piece that really caught my eye is a large three piece chandelier which hung from a domed glass ceiling. Fabulous!

We went to see the Women's Impressionists exhibit. We were not allowed to photograph anything, but I carry the images with me. If you can, get to San Francisco to see this amazing exhibit. Mary Cassat, Berte Morrisy, Eva Gonzalez and another whose name I unconveniently forgot.

We had time to visit the main galleries, where I found Rodin, Cezanne. Picasso and Sissely among others.
Horrible photography, but you get the idea. I've spent the rest of my time recreating my studio. It's an enormous amount of work and I really wish I had 2 working arms.
A little shaking going on in the Bay Area. A 4.2 earthquake just shook us up. Just a big jolt. No damage here.

A very late dinner awaits. Enough for now.