Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fiber Art Portfolio

This is the cover of my self-published "portfolio", a compilation of some of my fiber art pieces. I happened by an art supply store that was having some items on clearance. I found this jewel of a program on the table. It is called "Storyteller" by Epson. It retailed for over $30.00, but I paid significantly less for it.

The back cover includes even more photos of my work.

So, the program creates great images of the photos of your work to include in the book.

I don't know where to get it anymore. If you areinterested, try googling Epson.

Yesterday's post that I never uploaded:
No new art today, although I may do some pencil sketching after this post. I spent the day watering my front yard and my Earth Boxes, my attempt at growing vegetables on my deck in these special boxes. Then I sat in the sun and read a part of Mark McEwen's book, "Change in the Weather, Life After Stroke". It is interesting how lives cross paths. Me, a former television producer crossed paths with Mark, a former television personality, both felled by a stroke at a fairly young age. I'm not far enough into the book to make any judgements, but it sure brings back memories of the early days of my stroke. I don't remember much from the first days, but I am so grateful for the friends I nicknamed "the peanut gallery" who came to visit me in rehab and kept my spirits up. I know, without a doubt, that I would not have progressed as far without their support. Thanks again, my faithful friends.
I visited a fellow artist on an Open Studios weekend. Gen Zorich included a fabulous jewelry designer and a watercolor artist at her open studio so visitors got a "three for one" visit. It was a great idea and well-recieved by visitors .
Sunday, I visited and worked at the Santa Rosa Quilt Show. My art pieces were well-received. This show was excellent! There were over 400 pieces on display and many vendors to tempt our checkbooks and credit cards. I was good and only purchased two pieces, an oriental panel and a fun black and white piece from Aiko's Asian Fabrics, www.aikosasianfabric.com, a delightful booth of wonderful pieces

Friday, June 05, 2009

Art and needles

It's June already! goodness this year has flown. This weekend is the Santa Rosa Quilt Show and Sale. So, if you are available, head on over to the Veterann's Hall in Santa Rosa for a great show. I have four pieces being exhibited. The Obama tote bag, the vineyards piece. Counting crosses, which didn't make it in to Sacred Threads. These areall on previous posts. The fourth piece is a partial collection of Art postcards I recieved after my stroke and some from a swap I participated in a f
few years ago.

I bought a bunch of artichokes this week. They looked so captivating that I had to draw them. This is a colored pencil drawing. I got so relaxed while doing it, that I think I'm going to be doing more of these.

This is a portion of the large wall=hanging I'm doing. I's almost finished, I have to make one more dragonfly. It is the first piece I've done for myself and it will be part of an exhibition later this year.
I just remembered that I never took photos of my portfolio book, but I'm "too pooped to pop" now. I had my first acupuncture treatment today. It seems to have taken some pain from my neck. I'm hopeful it will balance me out.