Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fait accompli

Well, I am a little late completing Liz Berg's Better By Design class, but I did it! A little health scare put me behind but all's okay. This was a very definitive class. It had solid structure, exciting exercises and helpful critiques.

This was my first online class and the only thing I found lacking was the cameraderie and creativity of my fellow classmates. We had a closed Yahoo group so we could chat and see each other's work, but I didn't take enough advantage of those features, not wanting to look at other's work until mine was finished. Now I realize that seeing others' work added that extra spark of creativity needed in a demanding atmosphere.

I also have to finish my Quiltswap piece and I'm almost finished with Breaking Traditions.

The piece to the left is the result of a circle exercise. I just now realized it should be turned horizontally. I should've caught that. Darn brain.

This next piece is from the square exercise. I still had circles on my brain.

This is the rectangle exercise. I can't seem to get away from circles. Meaning? I need to sleep on that.