Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bath Time

Bath time for Bichons.The actual bath only takes about 20 minutes each. But it takes hours to comb outthese fluff balls. This is a chore I used to love doing. Now I can only help. My daughter Vickie was a champ and did most of the work. Her daughter Sierra added her own two cents to the way we were doing it. These two Bichons are mother, Sylvie, top photo and daughter Allie (short for Allez vous mademoiselle, which means "You go girl.". I will make a fiber art piece about them one day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

EPU II Cultures in Cloth

EPU II challenge and artist statement.

My photo-transfer collage features a Sonoma County sunrise, my love of horses, the strength of my Italian grandmother, the wisdom of my Irish/English mother. I actively participate in my world . I’m now “Unbalanced” ( my quilt title in the collage) but my art is still my passion in spite of my disablity.

Look at this cool rusted fabric from Rustex by Lois Jarvis. It will be used for the Alzheimer's auction after I use it in my piece. Lois is donting $5.00 to the cause for every piece registered. Hooray, Lois. I have a couple of pieces finished and an idea for this one.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Header Edit

"Unbalanced" came home from the Pacific International Quilt Show with really good comments from the judges. I knew I wouldn't get a ribbon because my techniques are under par now (damn stroke). I was so stoked to see my quilt hung on a space all bt itself. Usually, they've been hung with other pieces. This time I had my own space and it just popped! I was told that means they liked it. Cool. I put new batteries in my camera the nite before and then left the camera on my kitchen counter. (damn stroke or old age?)

"Trees and Birds" was created for a Black and White online challenge. It will also be exhibited in two International shows next year. I don't have the dates yet.

The trees and large birds are made from original stencils and painted with Shiva Oil sticks on cotton. silk and organza. It also has tulle and window screen overlay.

"Asian Elephants" is the second piece in the above challenge. These pieces will also be exhibited in a few galleries. Dates and places to come.

I've finished a piece for "Cultures in Cloth" today. It is a five-layer reverse applique. I need to photograph it and send it off. I also finished a piece for Ami Sims Alzheimer's project and have another started. They will be auctioned for research funds. These are small pieces and fun to do. I need to finish my butterflies quilt, butI think I am making a change on it.

I tried to edit my Blogger header with this gorgeous sunrise, but it came out too big. I've tried to fix it to no avail. Any suggestions?

I'm still painting and am working on a piece but haven't gotten it right yet.

Well, it's after 1 am and I'm finally sleepy. Good Night!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stolen photos

No pictures tonite. I'm trying to unravel the mystery of who is stealing others' pictures for their own gain. Mine wasn't the only piece ripped off. I recognized paintings of Melody Johnson and Elin Pendleton and Lots of others works that didn't belong to the person who posted. Unfortunately, I don't have much to go on as I deleted the email when it locked up my laptop. My time wasted!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I entered an online challenge, which, if I'm juried in, will be exhibited in at least 4 locations over 2 years. These are just details of each. They really show nothing, bit I remembered to post a photo. I'm horrible at posting. I'm not sure why. I used to write for a living. Maybe it's the one-hand thing. Frustrating as.... you know what. I've been getting my studio back together. Finally! Pictures to come. I'm still working on my fine art painting as well as finishing up some fiber pieces I've been working on for what seems like forever. I never got my auction piece into SAQA. I found it yesterday almost complete. I'll try to remember it for next year. There are some fine small compositions in there. VP debate tomorrow nite. Can't wait. Tina Fey will have enough work for a year.